Flamenco guitarist composer broadcaster & storyteller

Flamenco Guitarist Rafael in concert

Solo performance

Interviewing for Spanish TV (in Spanish and English)

Meeting up for a chat with good friends Ed O'Brien from Radiohead and Nick Hooper, composer. 

Film project footage

Live footage about from a project about flamenco seen through my eyes and experience.

Theatre rhythm and guitar workshop

Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca. Flamenco rhythm workshop and guitar. 

Duende, a commissioned piece by Solid State Logic

Duende, commissioned by Solid State Logic

This piece was commissioned by Solid State Logic to launch their Duende unit.


Mezquita (Rumba)

Based on the unique Mezquita de Córdoba. Living opposite at the time, I try to reflect the spirit of the building and the juxtaposition of the mosque and cathedral in one space.


Caminito de las Flores (Alegrias)

My composition and interpretation of a style originally from Cádiz.